So you've decided to create a custom steel building – congratulations! There are several steps involved in taking your project from your imagination to reality. From building design and delivery to erection of the steel building, this section will explain each stage of the buying and construction process.

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Because every steel building is different, each one must be engineered based on its size, location, and use. In this section, we will discuss the different types of loads that are very important in the engineering process, but the first step is to review steel building requirements with your local code authority. Most counties and city governments have codes and specifications governing construction in their areas. Also check with any local neighborhood associations that may have restrictions or guidelines concerning steel buildings.


Throughout the design process, your salesman will gather information about what your building will be used for and all of the accessories required to complete the project. In this section, we will explain all the criteria you will need to know about designing your building before it can be manufactured.


It is a good idea to schedule your project construction with a qualified erector several weeks in advance, so it can begin immediately upon delivery of the building.


After purchasing your steel building, it is time to prepare the construction site for the delivery of your building.


It is up to you to verify all materials received upon the delivery of your steel building. That way any problems, such as shortages or damaged materials, can be resolved at that time.


After the building has been delivered, the construction process can begin! Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you need to hire a qualified erector, Mueller will provide installation manuals to support your project.


Once all of the building requirements have been added, your sales representative will present you with a purchase agreement. An initial deposit of 25% is required to proceed with the order, then the final payment due at delivery. Mueller accepts cash, checks (with proper identification), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


For information about Mueller's financing options, visit with your salesperson or call 877-2-MUELLER to be directed to a sales branch nearest you. You can also click here to find out more about Financing Options.


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First Financial Bank

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* Offer applies to Mueller material only and is not available for labor portion of project.

After the steel building is delivered to the jobsite, it is ready for construction.  Unless specified when ordering, the steel building supplier is not responsible for erecting the steel building.  It is the end-user's responsibility to hire a qualified erector to complete the construction process. 

It is a good idea to schedule your project with a qualified builder weeks or months in advance if possible.  That way when your building is delivered, the construction process can begin immediately.


The contract documents should include in writing everything that the erector is responsible for in completing your steel building project.  You should not rely on just a verbal agreement.  These documents should be signed before the construction process begins, so the erector knows exactly what is expected of him.


Most steel building erectors do not get involved in any of the finish work to complete your steel building project such as electrical or plumbing.  They are usually primarily responsible for the actual erection process, and should provide all of the following:

  • Tools and equipment necessary for unloading and erecting the building safely and properly.
  • Electricity and compressed air needed to power tools and equipment.
  • Insulation and insulation accessories to be installed in the exterior wall and roof of the building system.
  • All the manpower necessary to complete the project on time.
  • Removal of temporary buildings or trash resulting from the building construction.
Each builder works in a different way, but the erection process should include all of the tasks above and these responsibilities should be stated in the contract documents.
First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank offers a variety of unsecured installment loans up to $30,000 to Mueller Retail Customers' personal home projects for Texas residents.

Option 1:*
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Option 2:*
18 Months no interest (for projects over $3,000)

Option 3:*
Interest Rate of 5.99% for up to 36 months.

For additional information, go by the Mueller location nearest you or call 877-2-Mueller.

* $10 filing fee will be added to all contracts. 10% down payment and/or income verification may be required.

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As soon as your building is delivered, you need to immediately begin verifying the materials received to the materials you are being billed for. The end-user or erector can handle this verification process.  Any shortages of materials must be noted on the packing list and acknowledged by the carrier. If the verification process is neglected, the supplier will not be held liable for shortages discovered later.


During the delivery verification process, all building materials should also be checked for damage. If there is damage found, it must be noted on the packing list and acknowledged by the carrier. If the damages are not detected by a visual inspection upon delivery, the building supplier is not responsible for problems during erection because of damaged materials.

Occasionally, a building component may be defective and it is not realized until the erection process.  If it is defective, not damaged, the supplier will be responsible for replacement. The supplier must be immediately notified if a defective component is found.

Most steel building erectors have experience with the verification and inspection process. They know what to look for, so it is a good idea to have them on site to receive the materials. A thorough visual check when the steel building is delivered will ensure that problems with shortages and damaged materials don't arise during the erection process.